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Jan. 13th, 2011

My name: Genna
Age: 20
Location: Texas
S.O.'s name: Stewart
Age: 22
Location: Qatar.

Miles apart: 8040.2

How we met: Through a mutual friend of ours
First time meeting face to face: That same day.. and he took me out on a date. been an off relationship for 7 years, but this time around its been almost 3 years
How often do we see each other: About twice a year.

Future plans: Him getting out of the Army.. finishing schooling for both of us.. getting married hopefully
Where I see both of us in 5 years: Living together, starting our lives and hopefully having a marriage and a child.

Newbie post! and a request

I'm new :)Collapse )

I also have a request! Do you guys have any long-distance love songs? I only have a couple, but I'd like to make a little playlist to send to him :)

I have:
Gotta Have You (The Weepies)
Set the Fire to the Third Bar (Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright)
Guess How Much I Love You (The Lucksmiths)

Moving regrets

Good day all.

I know this comm has been a bit dead of late, so I assume we are all happy and going well.

Me? Well....not so well, but getting better.

I regret very little I have done in my life, but lately, more so before the end of May, I have REALLY regretted moving.

I was not working. Had no money. No friends. No social life. No job prospects. No luck with finding even call center jobs. NOTHING. I was depressed and put on meds. Great. *RAGE*

Then, I got a job 6 hours from home. Teaching, as I should be doing. 2 weeks into my teaching gig, I feel better than I have in AAAAAGES. I feel alive again, like I can take on the world again.

I miss my cat. I miss him more than I miss my husband who I moved here from Hong Kong to be with.

He said to me on the phone that he would have moved (quote) "Anywhere so long as he did not have to work there and I made enough cash to support us". Ok, fine. He can sit around better than I can. *I* can not sit and be bored. HE can. He's ok with that lifestyle. *I* am not.

I said "Well, you could have in Hong Kong. I made obscene money there and you know that it was cheap to live and eat there."

"Yes, well, I hate HK, so no."

And there was never ever ANY discussion.

To hear him say that makes me want to kick puppies. *I* gave up a great paying, easy job, all my friends, a life and city I loved to move and now, I am going BACKWARDS in my career.

Now, I am working. 6 hours from home, mind you. And I would stay here. I would rather be LDR again for god knows how long than be at home, with husband, miserable and not working steadily.

I don't know if I am the only one who has experienced this. I feel angry at him A LOT for making me move, for basically saying that so long as HE approves the place we live, then he will give things up and move.

I was recently offered another 4 weeks where I am and I took it. If they offer me more, I will take it. Honestly, I don't care if I ever go back.

Flight Connections

Sooo, February 6th is my lucky day *touchwood*. I'll be flying out to see Bear again, for the first time in what, nearly a year? He and I are really looking forward to this- first Valentine's Day, "second Christmas"...and whats more, I managed to wrangle extra time off at work (I haven't used any holiday at all this year so far) so we'll have just under 3 weeks, rather than just the normal 2.

It took me ages to pay for the flight, and there was an increase, but luckily, we managed it, and its set. Only one slight problem now...not even a problem really. Delta have stopped all connecting flights to Cincinnatti. Apparently no-one goes there ^^;; So I have to get a connecting flight in Atlanta.

I just wanted to ask if anyone can tell me what to expect? What is the procedure? I'm only used to one flight, so I'm not sure XD I normally just go through passport control, have my visa stamped etc, pick up my luggage, dump it on a conveyor belt taking it to the over end of the airport, where Harry is waiting for me. I only ask because, believe it or not, I travel badly on my own. Really, I fly by myself so often now, but I still get nervous! XD Can anyone shed some light on this just to let me know what's coming? :) Thankies! x

DH Newbie

Your name/LJ name: Flare (sugarnspike613)
Age: 19
Location: BC, Canada
S.O.'s name/LJ name: Edmund
Age: 19 (almost 20)
Location: London, England

Miles apart: 4725 miles or 7604 km (too frikkin many!!)

Tell us how you met: in a chatroom on deviantART.com (#devart)
First time meeting face to face: September 2009
How often do you see each other: Nowhere near often enough, but he's coming here in August! (31 days!)

Future plans: 4-5 years of university (he's taking an English/Journalism degree, I'll be going for General Studies), finding jobs, he'll hopefully move here.
Where you see both of you in 5 years: Finishing university

Pictures to share? Coming shortly.


I have a question.

When you see your SO after time apart, how physical are you when you see them? I know some of us are not sexually active so I don't wish to exclude you with this question, but I am curious if the first day/night is sexin'sexin'sexin'sexin'sexin' or something else.

If it is usually that and that does not happen, how would you feel? Or if whatever you expected on the physical side did not happen, how would you feel?


Why is it so hard?

My boyfriend and I have been in a LDR for three and a half years now. He is in The Netherlands and I am in the US. From 2007-2008, he tried getting into grad school in the US, which didn't work out. I moved across the country, partly because of the hope that he would be able to go to grad school there. After living there (and still enjoying it) for about a year and a half, I decide that I will try to move to The Netherlands. He can sponsor me with a relationship, without being married. But he has to have job that makes enough and has a certain contract. Well he had that, and then two weeks before I came over, he lost it. He had to find a new job, work for three months, and then I could try to apply for a residence permit. I came over still in March of this year as a visitor. In late April (last month) he got a temp job, but we thought he wouldn't make enough until November.

In the meantime, I also tried looking for a job in The Netherlands, to see if I could get a work permit. One company did want to hire me, but after looking more into the work permit, found it was too hard to prove that they couldn't find anyone else in Europe first.

Well yesterday we find out that a temp job basically isn't good enough to sponsor me. So now my boyfriend has to find a job that will count, and will make enough. This has been so frustrating... we just want to live near each other, to see if it can really work! So far it has, but it's not like a normal relationship. It sucks feeling so hopeless and not knowing when or if it will ever work out.

And yes, we could get married, but one of us still needs to be able to sponsor the other... and we'd rather not get married until we really feel ready.

Has anyone else here had this much trouble? Can anyone give me any advice or anything? Thank you. :)

Problems with your other-half's family?

So here I go again, coming to the community with another dilemma. Thank you everyone for the advice you gave me with my previous question, everything you've all said has been noted down, and was ever so helpful, everyone's advice was just great, and the support was wonderful. I'm hoping you guys maybe able to help me out again...

Do you guys ever have real problems with your other half's family? Does it ever pose problems for you when you visit one another? And if so, what do you do, because I'm pretty stumped on this...

So...troublesome in-laws to be...Collapse )
So, um....last week, I was still labouring under the assumption that I could still be unmarried and living away from my Bear for some years to come, due to the fact that he's a poor student, I'm a poor shop worker, and we wanted to have a nice wedding, and nice doesn't necessarily come cheap (I am working on that though, hehehe). I won't pretend that in some cases we would have been extending the period of time between now and us living together, deliberately, based on various details- Harry wanting to finish college, me wanting to have a nice English wedding, us wanting to be able to move into our own flat once I'm approved rather than live in his parents basement (like his loser sister does with her "husband")...

To cut a long story short...Collapse )

Intro post

Your name/LJ name: Alex
Age: 22
Location: Chicago, Illinois
S.O.'s name/LJ name: Eric
Age: 21
Location: Austin, Texas

Miles apart: tons!

Tell us how you met: We met in a site called gaiaonline.com, in a thread there among friends.
First time meeting face to face: He came to visit me around May of last year to go to a convention called ACEN. I had to go pick him up from the airport and i saw him, looking for his luggage and moving to a side to wait for me. I was following him, with him not noticing me much, but he didnt see me and so i ran up to him and told him i saw him since i was coming down the escalators. After that, he hugged me and we started to walk out.
How often do you see each other: Not alot cause of the distance. We try to see each other, fly to each other, but certain things like jobs and school doesnt help much at the time.

Future plans: I'm planning to move in with him after i graduate college in June and well, marriage is also on our plans.
Where you see both of you in 5 years: Married, possibly have a child, working full time in we both love doing.

Pictures to share?
PhotosCollapse )